Click here for the submission forms for all of our Wednesday workshops. RSVP info & links for Industry Workshops can be found on each individual event page on the calendar below. 

Writers Lab

Where professional actors do staged readings of fresh pages and the audience is encouraged to give feedback to the writers! 

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Rough Cut Lab

A workshop to help projects get to the next stage of development. We present ‘works in progress’ to allow filmmakers the opportunity to ask questions & get feedback on their projects.

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Performance Lab

Gives you the opportunity to show the community a more polished version of your acting and directing or show off your stand-up or improvisational skills.

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Industry Workshop

Learn skills, techniques and get advice from these live, interactive workshops from the best in the biz! 

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Special Edition Writers Lab

A night where we partner with likeminded organizations to expand our network of writers, performers and community members. (More info coming soon!)