"We Saved You a Seat!" 

Happening in September of 2021, The We Make Movies International Film Festival is going into its 3rd year celebrating the Do-It-Yourself filmmaking aesthetic. If you have a dramatic, comedic, horror, experimental, underground, documentary, multi-media installation piece, series, pilot, short or feature film, please submit it on Film Freeway (link https://filmfreeway.com/wmminternationalff) starting on November 1st. 

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Until WMMIntl 2021

A Festival For Filmmakers By Filmmakers


The We Make Movies International Festival celebrates the Do-It-Yourself filmmaking aesthetic. We just wrapped our 2020 festival in September (16-20) and submissions will reopen in November for 2021!

Held in Hollywood every year, WMMINTL serves to highlight DIY filmmakers across the spectrum of the industry in every genre. From horror to drama, comedy to documentary, experimental and underground to video art, we salute filmmakers who embrace the true indie spirit by making quality art on their own terms. 

Hosted by We Make Movies Inc., a filmmaking company and film collective based on the idea of "Making the film that YOU want to see," this week-long festival provides networking and social events, industry panels, a showcase of shorts, features, and series from around the world, live multi-media performances, and an awards ceremony. By bringing filmmakers of all ilks together, we strive to bolster artists and revitalize the industry that we want to be a part of!