As independent filmmakers with hundreds of years of experience collectively, WMM's in-house production team knows how to help you complete your vision affordably and efficiently. Check out our suite of services below and remember Gold Members get 20% off and Silver Members get 10% off ALL services! 


Production Insurance

Learn about a more affordable way to keep your production safe and legal

Production Consultation 

Get a FREE consultation from our professional production team on your next project

Actor Contract Coordination

Have questions about SAG-AFTRA paperwork or union contracts? Let us help! 

Deal Memos

Let us handle the hassle of drawing up deal memos for your cast and crew


Hire a professional storyboard artist to plan out your vision and save you time & money on set

Custom Script Creation

We'll create a custom scene for your reel, or finish that screenplay idea sitting in your desk drawer!


Covid Compliance Officer

Find a reliable and affordable COO to keep your set safe and in compliance with state & union regulations

Audition Coaching & Self Taping

(Just launched!) Book your next gig by working with our top acting coach who will make sure you submit your best possible take to casting!


Color Correction & Grading

Hire a professional colorist to help fix errors & complete your aesthetic

Sound Design & Mix

Poor audio can make even the best shot projects unwatchable. We can clean up your mix so it sounds cohesive and professional. 


(COMING SOON) Our professional video editors can bring your project together in post production.


Digitial Marketing Materials 

Let us create an on-brand digital press kit, one-sheet, or website for you or your project!