Submissions for LA are closed for 2023, but you may continue to submit to other regions.


LA will resume accepting submissions on January 3rd 2024.

We're excited to workshop your material in the new year!

Rough Cut Lab

Our Rough Cut Lab presents 'works in progress' to help you get your project to the next stage of development. Get expert feedback from seasoned filmmakers and industry professionals, or test screen different post-production choices to refine or elevate your piece. 

You're invited to present storyboards or screen rough cuts of short films, web series, TV shows or features (up to 15 minutes) and ask for guidance on unresolved questions so you can ensure your film is on the right track and will make a lasting impact on your audience.

At this time, we only screen ‘in-development’ projects. We do not screen finished or ‘picture locked’ films. (But, hey, you should submit those to our WMMINTL Film Fest!) 

Again, please note that presentations will be limited to around 15 minutes – just like our scripts for the Writers Lab nights. Projects that have already come through other WMM Labs will be given a priority, but all projects are welcome. A projector and screen [or attentive Zoom room!] will be made available if screening is necessary, and we’ll do our best to make the technical aspects as high-quality as possible.

Click here to submit your project to our Rough Cut Lab.

WHEN: Wednesday evenings in LA (and when we're virtual via Zoom) and Sunday afternoons in NYC. See the calendar for more details!

WHERE: In-person at The Broadwater Theatre in LA and The Chain Theatre in NYC. We also host virtual Rough Cut labs throughout the month via Zoom as well! Check our calendar for the next date and location! 

If you have any other questions or concerns please email [email protected]

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