POV: Indie Filmmaker To Emmy Nominee Rachel Mason

film festival Oct 14, 2020


In the spirit of the We Make Movies International Film Festival (which wrapped up a whirlwind virtual feat this past September 16-20), and all things indie, we sat down with the illustrious and fabulously eccentric Rachel Mason. A consummate artist, with sculpture, video and live performance exhibitions in esteemed museums around the country, an accomplished musician with 13 albums, and a filmmaker with three very different films, Mason never fails to surprise her audience. Her work often reimagines historical events and figures through an imaginative and cheeky lens, imploring the viewer to reflect on the essence of culture, perception, power dynamics, and what humanity has given credence to.  

WMMINTL: You directed and produced the critically acclaimed CIRCUS OF BOOKS, a film about your parents' iconic gay porn store during a time of intolerance against the gay community. Do you consider your parents to be rebels, revolutionaries, or simple pioneers? Do you...

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