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The voice over world is growing exponentially these days, and it can be a difficult niche to break into especially without the right tools or training. WMM can help you create a professional commercial VO demo to help you secure top tier representation or just coach you on VO auditions or projects you've already booked!

Commercial VO Demo Creation: $900 (Gold Members: $720 Silver Members: $810) Click here to hear a sample demo!

Hourly Coaching: $115/hr. (20% off for Gold Members, 10% off for Silver Members). Email us to book a session!  

Our professional VO artist, Heidi Schooler, has lent her voice to such campaigns as Denny’s, The Gap, Nissan, Lexus, Fuji, Toyota, United Airlines, Pamprin, Wonder Bread, Hostess Cupcakes, Taco Time, Southern California Edison. She’s most recently been the voice of Walmart (over 12 spots on TV & radio), Oliveda Skincare, & Neutrogena. She’s voiced animated characters for Nickelodeon, TV Land, Warner Bros., is in the animated series “Hogan’s Farm”, & most recently has a character on Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears”. She’s been in numerous video-games, including the Vin Diesel mo-cap epic “The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena”, and is Lois Lane for Warner Bros.’s past digital re-release of “Superman 2”.  Heidi was also the voice over columnist and expert for Backstage.com for over 4 years. To see a full list of credits, check out Heidi's IMDB page and hear a sample of Heidi's VO work by clicking here

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When putting together a demo, Heidi will work in all areas of pre-production -- helping you be 100% prepared for the recording of each spot. Heidi will hand pick a selection of commercial copy options and read through each of them with the performer to choose which of the spots that will be the exact right fit. 

After the demo copy is finalized, you'll set up rehearsals to make sure you're hitting all the right moments before recording day.  Not only will you walk into your recording session confident with your performance, but you can be assured that your VO demo shows off a dynamic range  specific to your voice type.   

Heidi will also be present digitally at the recording to coach on-the-spot, (via Zoom). Heidi also works hand-in-hand with the recording engineer, to oversee and provide them with any notes on the edits, sound effects, and music for each demo.

Each booking includes a set amount of “tweak sessions” with the actor & engineer to get the demo to its perfect state.


In each VO coaching session, Heidi will break down the copy with the performer and help them find the best choices for the characters so you feel confident and ready to audition or record from home.

  • For commercial copy, she’ll work with you on the interpretation of the material, what the client is looking for, and finding the best timbre of your voice for that piece.
  • For animation, she’ll work with you to create at least 2 strong choices for each character and make sure you're landing all the beats of the scene.





*Sample demo features the voice of actor and VO artist, Ramona DuBarry 

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