WMM Production Services


Affordable production insurance, deal memo creation, and pre-pro consultations.


Covid compliance officers, crew hiring, self-taping, and stunt coordination.


Color correction & grading, editing, sound design and film composers.


Digital marketing materials, DCP creation, and distribution opportunities. 



Need guidance on which SAG-AFTRA or other union contracts are right for your project? Or are you overwhelmed by all you need to do to get ready to shoot and don't have time to handle the actor paperwork yourself? We Make Movies can help talk you through the differences between all of the contracts and then walk you the signatory process and all of the on-set actor paperwork. **Fill out the below form and we will get right back to you with more information!

Please note: SAG-AFTRA requires all paperwork is submitted at least a 3 weeks prior to your shoot date. Be sure to reach out to us with your questions far ahead of your anticipated shoot dates. 

Have some general questions? Let's chat! Email us at [email protected]

** Please know we are NOT representatives of SAG-AFTRA or any other performer union. Any advice given is on an unofficial basis. 

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