POV: The Artivist Filmmaker - Bijan Machen

Contemporary abstract artist, musician, filmmaker, and educator Bijan Machen is an instrumental player in bringing the eARTh Project to life. As Chief Creative Officer of the We Uplift The World organization, Machen co-created an educational workshop series that taught local youth the importance of cultivating community gardens, cooking healthy food, creating art, and understanding basic economics and business practices. WMM teamed up with the entrepreneur and artivist, by harnessing the power of mobile filmmaking technology and  teaching Machen's students how to further apply a more sustainable approach to both filmmaking and life.

A former linebacker for Georgia Tech (where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Science, Technology & Culture) and an MFA graduate of Art Center College of Design, Machen works to challenge limiting beliefs and oppressive societal constructs, while supporting...

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