POV: Film Financing Silicon Valley Style - Rob Ness

We Make Movies has been disrupting traditional filmmaking since its inception almost a decade ago. Our latest endeavor, the MAKE YOUR FEATURE COMPETITION, is keeping with that tradition as we set out to create a sustainable ecosystem for independent film financing and production. If you've been wondering how we're managing to award at least two filmmakers with 25K each (alongside our full assortment of pre through post production and marketing services) to make their films, perhaps our lead investor, Rob Ness (General Partner of Asymmetry Ventures) can shed some light. 
Ness' academic trajectory alone pronounces his versatility, from a BA in Economics, Math, and Interdisciplinary Child Health from UC Berkeley to an MPS in Development & Finance from Georgetown University to an MPA in Development Economics from Harvard University. A few of his diverse career highlights include a senior consultancy at Booze Allen...
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