Video Literacy Through The Smartphone Studio

Community has always been the cornerstone of We Make Movies. What began as a small group of empowered filmmakers gathering to read one another's scripts, materialized into many films being made, followed by several incarnations of the group until the community reached global status. We boast an impressive roster of projects, host weekly events that cater to every stage of the filmmaking process, and provide educational support and practical services to filmmakers of all ilks looking to make what they want to see. Yes, we do that... but not without our community.

Through our innovative Smartphone Studio system, we have leveled the playing field for storytellers to tell their stories, while expanding our community. Filmmaking is no longer solely in the hands of the studios, and wealth does not dictate access to or success in the industry. We live in the age of the democratization of video production, and the gadget that nearly everyone has in their pocket, has...

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