WMM Creative Services - Authentically Tell Your Story

From facilitating a structured, community approach around the filmmaking process (through our Lab Pipeline), educating filmmakers (through professional tutorials, industry workshops and webinars, and Smartphone Studio programming), and providing affordable production and post-production resources (like insurance and other services), WMM has firmly established itself as a presence in the indie film community. With these facets of the film collective and production company thriving, CEO Sam Mestman, President Aubrey Mozino, and constant collaborator and member Steven LaMorte, are bringing the same community-minded, budget-conscious, quality-driven spirit to the newest division of the WMM family - WMM Creative Services.

WMM Creative Services is an extension of everything WMM espouses, with the simple goal of authentically telling the stories of businesses, schools, and organizations across all digital and social platforms. By bringing modern cinematic...
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