WMM Life Hack: Everyday Zen For Filmmakers

The downtime in between projects tends to leave creatives in the indie film world in a bit of dispirited suspension. The quest for the foolproof script, barriers of financing, procurement and scheduling of cast and crew, and a plethora of other variables can warrant long periods of time without stepping foot on set. Then there are external circumstances, such as an indefinite moratorium on the industry as a whole (you know, our past year in a nutshell), that spawn insecurity in every sense of the word. Thankfully, there are many things a filmmaker can do to stay sharp and geared up for the next opportunity to be on set. Think of the following as a self-care kit for the filmmaker.
There are the basics of self-care, to ensure a healthy mental, emotional, and physical state of being. These apply to everyone. Hydrate. Nourish your body with proper food that enables you to sustain energy, while agreeing with your system....
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