WMM Tutorials: Make Your Movie Using MetaRecorder

Most people realize that the magical devices in our pockets can be harnessed to capture stunning photography and video content, but there is a world beyond the capabilities of our phones. There are apps for almost anything you want to do these days, but We Make Movies did the research and removed the hassle of weeding through all the clutter, by selecting a few high quality apps to accompany your phone in creating cinematic content on a budget.

Our Smartphone Studio program tours the nation and has also been virtually accessible for the past year, teaching content creators of all ages and walks of life how to make the highest quality films and tell the stories they want to tell. But... did you know we also have a slew of free tutorials that also walk you through the process of filming? We recently covered the use of FilmicPro to achieve professional grade cinematography. Today, we share the tips and tricks behind using ...

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