WMM Tutorials: Make Your Movie Using FilmicPro

Most people realize that the magical devices in our pockets can be harnessed to capture stunning photography and video content, but there is a world beyond the capabilities of our phones. There are apps for almost anything you want to do these days, but We Make Movies did the research and removed the hassle of weeding through all the clutter, by selecting a few high quality apps to accompany your phone in creating cinematic content on a budget.

Our Smartphone Studio program tours the nation and has also been virtually accessible for the past year, teaching content creators of all ages and walks of life how to make the highest quality films and tell the stories they want to tell.

But... did you know we also have a slew of free tutorials that also walk you through the process of filming? One of the apps WMM has taken the time to outline for budding phone filmmakers is that of FilmicPro. The super short series of tutorials below can help anyone get started right away. 

FilmicPro ($15 for Android and iPhone) is a professional cinematic app that allows you to adjust and access all the same settings found on any high end DSLR camera. If you're looking to shoot professional content with your iPhone this is the app that will level up your videos. This video covers adjusting focus, exposure, zoom, frame rate, resolution, audio levels, shooting for TV/film/YouTube and Instagram, and switching between lenses.

0:00​ INTRO
0:53​ Set Focus & Exposure
1:52​ Set Your Zoom Level
2:18​ Set Your Resolution
3:20​ Set Your Framerate
3:52​ Set Your Audio
4:46​ Set Your Lens

Once you're ready to start editing you'll need to move your FilmicPro clips from your iPhone to your computer. The above video shows you how to filter and sort clips ahead of time, and then airdrop from within the FilmicPro app or through the files app included on all iPhones. It  walks through how to perform a wired transfer of files using a lightning to USB cord as well.

0:00​ INTRO
0:25​ Set Up Your Bluetooth
1:04​ Airdrop with FilmicPro
2:01​ Airdrop with Files App
2:46​ Perform Wired Transfers

Once you've mastered the basic best practices shooting with FilmicPro this video takes you into more advanced settings, like manually adjusting exposure and focus for super precise shots, using the Live Analytics to help you pull focus or guarantee your shots will never be over or under exposed, manual and auto white balance adjustments, how to easily label your files using the Content Management System so you'll save HOURS in post production, and how to pair FilmicPro with your favorite accessory like a gimbal or anamorphic lens.

0:00​ INTRO
0:18​ Use Manual Controls
0:58​ Review Live Analytics
2:44​ Adjust Color Settings
4:07​ Utilize the CMS
6:04​ Connect Accessories 

The free companion app to FilmicPro called DoubleTakeallows you to turn your iPhone into a multi-cam studio! This app allows you to record video from two different lenses on your iPhone simultaneously allowing you to do shot / reverse shot (either with actors or an interviewer & interviewee) in one take, or a close up and a wide without moving the camera for a new setup. This last video of the series shows you how to do all of that in a split screen, picture-in-picture, or in separate files.

0:00​ INTRO
0:55​ Set Your Angles
1:42​ Choose Your File Mode
2:32​ Configure Your Reticles
3:21​ Review Your Files

With all of these easily digestible tips and tricks on how to use the FilmicPro app, anyone can jump in and get high quality footage, all while saving time and money. If you find these tutorials helpful, we have more on our site. Some are free, while others are offered to our membership

Written by Sapna Gandhi

Sapna Gandhi is an actor, singer-songwriter, and content creator. In addition to TV credits such as BOSCH, SHAMELESS and SCANDAL, she has appeared in numerous shorts, features, and series, including festival darlings IN ABSENTIA (Raindance) and THUMPER (Tribeca). Gandhi has produced several series and films under the umbrella of her production company Elegant Grotesque (most recently SCRAP, starring Anthony Rapp and Vivian Kerr, and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ STRANDED ON THE EARTH, directed by Mike Bruce). She is also 1/2 of the musical duo, VATAVARAN, was born in England, raised all over the states, studied English and Women’s Studies, and trained at the American Conservatory Theatre in SF.

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