WMM Presence Strong At 2021 FCP Global Summit

We Make Movies is the studio system for independent filmmakers. We cater to artists of all levels and serve projects in every stage of the process  from inception to final deliverables. Tech giants from NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) to IBC (International Broadcast Conference) have taken notice of our collective team's proficiency and expertise, and this week WMM is a force to be reckoned with at the FCP Global Summit.

The FREE Final Cut Pro event is being held virtually from November 8 - 13, and is suited for content creators of all levels. Explore elevating your producing skills through "Blueprint For A Micro-Budget Future" with our CEO Sam Mestman, learn to harness the power of your mobile phone by watching "Gimbals, Gear, and GO!" with our President Aubrey Mozino, or perfect your craft  by tuning into "High End iPhone Workflows for the Indie Filmmaker" with Creative Services' Creative Director Steve LaMorte.

A full lineup of events can be found on the site, but we highlighted a few panels and seminars led by our own below. Register for free!

@2PM EST - Blueprint For a Micro Budget Feature
                      (w/ Sam Mestman)
@7PM EST -  Summer Stories in Chicago
                       (w/ Vince Vaughn and Steve Douglass)
@Noon  EST - Gimbals, Gear and Go: The Key Kit for iPhone Shooters
                          (w/ Aubrey Mozino)
@1PM EST - Mobile Audio Strategies
                      (w/ Steve LaMorte)
@2PM EST - Orphaned Starfish Project: Changing The World Through Media Education
                      (w/ Andy Stein & Jeff Greenberg)
@8PM EST - High End iPhone Workflows For The Indie Filmmaker
                      (w/ Steve LaMorte)
@Noon EST - FCP Field Producers: A How-To Guide for Delivery to Editors on Avid /
                        (w/ Cirina Catania)
@7PM EST - Education Is Everything Panel
                      (w/ Steve Douglass)
@2PM EST - Next Generation Workflows with The Apple Ecosystem - OWC Demo
                      (w/ Sam Mestman
@8PM EST - Future Focused Panel 
                      (w/ Larry O'Connor)
@6PM EST - The Gig Economy: Issues for Creatives 
                      (w/ Ron Dawson & Ben Whitehair)
@7PM EST - 7 Pillars of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy 
                      (w/ Ron Dawson)
@8PM EST - Art of The Breakout: The Future of Performance
                      (w/ Ryan Walker)
@9PM EST - How To Give Great Feedback - Working Well in Creative Collaborations 
                      (w/ Steve Douglass & Vince Vaughn)

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