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Writers Workshop

WHEN: Every other Wednesday night. Check the calendar for the next writers workshop!

WHERE: The Broadwater, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038

WHAT: Writers Workshops are focused on providing a venue for fresh pages to be read by professional actors — with the aim of encouraging the writers and exploring the material as a precursor to pre-production, whether it be for a short film, a spec pilot, or a feature film. It’s also a place for writers, actors, directors, etc. to get together and maybe meet a few people worth working with. Not only that, but we serve free soda, water and snacks to all. We are always looking for new writers and actors and this workshop is free and open to the public.

HOW: We do a staged reading of 4-6 original script submissions (15 pages or less per submission to keep the night varied) at each Writers Workshop. The pieces can be shorts, or excerpts from larger works. Each script is cast ahead of time by WMM (casting suggestions from the writers are taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed) from our large community of professional actors. The audience then provides feedback to the writer after each piece is read.

We Make Movies is an inclusive community open to artists of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and sexes. It’s our value that we want everyone to “make the movie they want to see” and so it is our policy that we do not censor or cherry-pick which scripts are read during our workshops. Our goal is that by having an open door policy we will allow writers of all backgrounds and experience levels a platform to improve and grow. However, we realize that this policy can also allow for content that is objectionable or offensive to be read. So, we ALSO believe that the same no-censorship policy applies to our audience and they should feel free to dissent, turn down roles, and be empowered to speak their mind freely back to the writers in a constructive and respectful way. Our hope is that by not being another “gate-keeper” that merely rejects people without explanation, this community will actually enlighten artists to how or why their content isn’t being received.

ACTORS: To be considered for the staged reading, please fill out our submission form by the WEDNESDAY before the workshop.

WRITERS: Please fill out our submission form to enter your scripts. We also accept shorter scripts (up to seven pages) which are $5 per submission (as opposed to the regular $10). *Scripts are now required to be accompanied with the breakdown for casting. 

Bonus: Free soda, water and snacks!

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