Native iPhone Video App Basics

New to filmmaking? Start shooting in less than 5 minutes using the app included on your phone!

FilmicPro Basics

Learn the basics of shooting with FilmicPro a professional cinematic app that allows you to adjust and access all the same settings found on any high end DSLR camera.

Importing Clips from FilmicPro

Ready to edit? We’ll show the fastest ways to move your FilmicPro clips from your phone to computer!

FilmicPro Advanced Features 

Next learn more advanced FilmicPro  settings like manual adjustment of exposure & focus, white balance, live analytics and how to save hours in post production

FilmicPro DoubleTake App

The free app   DoubleTake turns your iPhone into a multi-cam studio! Record video from two different lenses simultaneously! Get a close up & wide without moving camera.

MetaRecorder Basics 

Capture crystal clear second source audio from a boom or lavalier microphone using your iPhone and Apogee MetaRecorder!

MetaRecorder Linking

Control recording audio on up to 3 separate devices using 1 master device (like an iPhone or iPad) with MetaRecorder.

Intro to FCPX

Dive into post production using pro editing app (Free 90 day trial here: Final Cut Pro X.) We’ll easily walk you through the basics and you’ll be cutting your own projects in no time!

Working in FCPX Timelines

Now we dive deeper into FCPX's unique feature - the magnetic timeline. Trim clips, rearrange the order, adjust audio levels, learn L and J cuts, and more to become an efficient editor! Free 90 day trial here: Final Cut Pro X.

Speed Changes in FCPX

Learn how to match footage with music or dialogue with clips by adjusting the speed in FCPX. Free 90 day trial here: Final Cut Pro X.