Affordable production insurance, deal memo creation, and pre-pro consultations.


Covid compliance officers, crew hiring, self-taping, and stunt coordination.


Color correction & grading, editing, sound design and film composers.


Digital marketing materials, DCP creation, and distribution opportunities. 



SHORT SCENE CREATION - $350 (Gold Members: $280, Silver: $315)

BASIC SHORT FILM CREATION - $650 (Gold Members: $520, Silver: $585)

STANDARD SHORT FILM CREATION - $850 (Gold Members: $680, Silver: $765)

PREMIUM SHORT FILM CREATION - $1250 (Gold Members: $1000, Silver: $1125)

FEATURE SCRIPT CREATION - Please contact us to discuss details and pricing info. 

Whether you have a film script that needs a complete overhaul or have an outline you need to turn into a screenplay written to industry standards, we will collaborate with you to adapt your idea, outline, or rough draft into something stellar. This service is also perfect for actors seeking a custom scene written with a dream role in mind for that essential demo reel. 


  • 1-2 Skype calls so we can discuss your vision before we get started.
  • 1-3 email note sessions/revisions so we can get it just right. We can pitch you ideas and assist with plot development, or write to your own specific outline.
  • You will receive your final script as both a .fdx (Final Draft) and .pdf file, and will not need to credit us as the writer. (That's the magic of "ghost-writing"!) What you do with it next is up to you!
  • Questions? Email us and we're happy to explain more! [email protected]
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Scene Creation

We'll create custom short scene up to 4 pages.

$350.00 USD

Start getting called in for your dream roles by having our professional screenwriters craft a custom scene for your reel!

Actors need to have specific, high quality demo reel materials in order to land better reps, or get called in by casting directors. Boost your reel with meaty, specific scenes that highlight YOU and your strengths! Email us to learn more!

Email us to learn more!