Pre-Production Writers Workshop

WHEN: At least once a quarter-- they take the place of one of our regular bi-weekly Writers Workshops. 

WHERE: All WMM workshops are being held virtually for the time being -and our Pre-Production Writers Workshop will be held via Zoom


 These workshops will take submissions for scripts that are in the pre-production phase and very near the shoot phase. Scripts submitted to the queue will be prioritized based on which projects are closest to their shoot dates. Once a script has reached the top of the queue, the WMM Casting team will cast the piece with actors who are the best fit for the tone and breakdown of the characters. These actors will be from the existing WMM membership, but will also include an outreach if necessary to actors outside of our WMM community. Once cast, the actors will do a staged reading at our Wednesday workshop and the feedback from the audience will be curated and moderated to focus on specific issues writers/producers feel are essential to address prior to rolling camera.

WHY: The goal of this new workshop would not only be to polish the scripts prior to filming, but also to help troubleshoot any concerns relating to pre-production as a whole. In addition, this workshop helps us do new member outreach to help expand our talented WMM actor database!

Priority casting perks for Gold and Silver members will still apply to our regular Writer’s Workshop.

ACTORS: To be considered for the staged reading, please fill out our submission form by the WEDNESDAY before the workshop. If you RSVP’d and need to withdraw, please email [email protected].

WRITERS: Submissions for this special workshop are on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing those pieces which are closest to the shoot date. We'll consider shorts (under 15 pages) up to full length features. Fill out this form to have your piece be considered. 

Bonus: While we're virtual we can all bring our own booze, soda and snacks to the party! 

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