WMM Production Services


Affordable production insurance, deal memo creation, and pre-pro consultations.


Covid compliance officers, crew hiring, self-taping, and stunt coordination.


Color correction & grading, editing, sound design and film composers.


Marketing materials, DCP creation, and distribution opportunities. 



Pre-Production Services


Affordable production insurance, deal memo creation, and pre-pro consultations.

Affordable Production Services


Covid compliance officers, crew hiring, self-taping, and production scheduling.

Affordable Post-Production Services


Color correction & grading, editing, sound design and film composers.

Affordable Distribution Options


Marketing materials, DCP creation, and distribution opportunities. 


Insurance & Permitting 

Acquiring your own short term production insurance is prohibitively expensive to most indie productions. However, we've got an easy solution!  Hiring WMM to production manage your project grants you access to our umbrella policy PLUS you get the expertise of a team of independent filmmakers who can help you every step of the way. All of this is still a fraction of the cost of purchasing a policy on your own.

Our production management takes the tedious aspects of production off your plate so you can focus on being an artist. This includes processing payroll, assisting with SAG-AFTRA paperwork, creating deal memos, liability management, and vendor coordination. We’ll also walk you through the process of acquiring the correct film permits from Film LA or other city agencies. Please note, we'll need at least two weeks notice to guarantee permit placement. 

Also, unlike purchasing your own separate, short term policy, we also can easily accommodate rescheduling or shifting shoot dates. 

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Please click here to read our terms and conditions before filling out the form and email us at [email protected]  if you have any questions! 



We got you! Check out this brochure for more info on how our production management service help solve your insurance needs and take a ton of pre-production work off your plate! 

Film Production Insurance Client

Skinner Myers

"WMM was always quick to make whatever adjustments where needed to make sure my production went smoothly."

Film Production Insurance Client

Patrick Coleman Duncan

“I can't stress enough the peace of mind production insurance gave me. I have witnessed on set injuries and property damage and there is no way someone should shoot a film without this service. It is also essential if you want to work with SAG/AFTRA Actors on New Media Contracts ("Jes and Lora" and "Life's a Pitch") or Short Project Agreements ("Compel")."

Greg Francis

"We were in a difficult place. Our AC was at the equipment house checking out the camera gear for our shoot the next day and our certs of insurance weren't done correctly. The insurance company was out of NYC and was closed for the day and we were in big trouble. It was a Friday afternoon - and without some help - our shoot would be cancelled.
My DP told me about We Make Movies - and I called Eric, desperate and depressed. Within a few minutes, Eric not only cheered me up - He literally saved my life - and saved the shoot.
I can't say enough about how great a help Eric and We Make Movies was!  Without them, I would have had a really angry client and a cancelled shoot.  I am so thankful for these guys - and happy they are there to help out the little guy in situations like this.
If you're in trouble - Eric and his team are the people to call..."

Amanda Serra,  Poke In The Eye Productions, LLC

"We Make Movies has been an asset to our production company. They provided expert advice when we lost footage due to a damaged data card. Because of the coverage we had through WMM, we were able to reshoot the lost footage and complete our film. They saved us thousands of dollars! We will always use the services provided by We Make Movies for future productions."


Terms and Conditions:

To be clear, we do not sell insurance, and specifically we cannot and will not sell individual certificates of insurance. We are a for-hire production company that handles the tedious aspects of production for you and can cover any projects we are working on under our umbrella insurance policy. We assure you, our for-hire rates are still much less expensive than purchasing a policy on your own.

Here’s how it works:

  • Think of We Make Movies as your film studio. Studios typically provide insurance, legal protection, process payroll, secure permits, handle union and cast/crew contract paperwork, interface with vendors, and generally provide a structure for the production of your project.

  • One advantage to working with us instead of a traditional studio is that we will NOT claim or take any ownership rights to your Intellectual Property/creative/story of your project. We will not seek any additional compensation or back-end on your project if it’s sold or returns a profit. We outline this in our deal memo which we sign before beginning work.

  • You’re welcome to bring on additional production companies/producers to handle any and all creative production, but in the case of the physical production of the project, insurance and payroll, WMM must be the sole production working with those elements of your project.

  • We must process payroll for any cast or crew member whose pay is not deferred or working as a volunteer in order to make your worker’s comp coverage legal and your project not subject to $5,000-$10,000 fines. If you have questions about this, please email us and we’ll be happy to explain further and how this can still be within your budget.

  • For more info on how we handle cast & crew who will be receiving stipends (not wages) please click here. 

  • We require all employees/cast/crew (paid and deferred) on your project to sign a deal memo stating We Make Movies is the hiring company to ensure everyone on your set is covered with worker’s comp.

  • Any vendor, location, city or state permitting agency fees must be processed through us to be covered by insurance. We add a processing fee of 3%.

  • Narrative feature films cannot be covered under our blanket policy, however, we are able to help secure an affordable separate policy for you.

  • We Make Movies needs to be listed on all call sheets and “Insurance Services Provided by Irene Quintero of Insurance Office of America” must be listed in the credits of your project.

As a note to the current health crisis, we will be requiring an on-set video showing that all COVID-19 guidelines are being enforced. There is a chance we may be adjusting our guidelines based on the COVID Film/TV regulations coming from our government and union agencies as the pandemic continues. Our insurance policy does not insure against Covid-19 exposure to cast or crew, or the cost of re-shoots or delays resulting from a production being shut down due to Covid-19. We are not aware of ANY insurance policies that provide coverage for this kind of exposure at this time.

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Any questions please email [email protected]

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