THE Make Your Feature COMPETITON

Yes, we'll ACTUALLY make your film.

Our 2021 Winning Filmmakers Have Been Selected!

We Greenlit 3 Feature Films! 

After several weeks of impassioned deliberation our judges have selected three films to get $25,000 plus thousands more in post-production assistance, access to gear, production insurance, marketing and development help along the way!   We'll be documenting the entire process so stay tuned to our MYF YouTube playlist for BTS action! 

  • DatGirl Serene Zloof with THE UNICORN ADMIRERS CLUB
  • Mars Roberge with STARS
  • Lauren Neal & Jill Bennett with UNDER THE INFLUENCER
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Project Greenlight Meets Shark Tank... 

In a sea of film competitions that award starter funds, offer packages towards gear, and sometimes even promise gateways of access to the elusive industry at large, We Make Movies is breaking the mold. WMM is helming a micro-budget feature film accelerator that will see your project through completion by actually making your movie for $25,000

WMM has joined forces with investors from Silicon Valley, in search of multiple projects from inventive and resourceful filmmakers. Filmmakers will submit their feature film treatments (stellar concept or completed script) and pitch to investors and the WMM community for the opportunity to develop their story, from inception to completion. At least two winning filmmakers will land cash  investments of $25,000 each, in addition to tens of thousands of dollars worth of resources in the form of services, equipment, and more. WMM and the investors will partner with winning filmmakers, as project co-owners to produce the films in early 2022.


In addition, the winning filmmakers will also get a 12-month ISAConnect membership and the 9 finalists will each get a 6-month ISAConnect membership to network with more industry pros and sell more projects!  

All We Make Movies Silver members get one free submission and Gold Members get two! To become a member click here

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  • Held VIRTUALLY over 3 nights in August 2021 (dates TBA) 
  • Each night, 12 semifinalists will be presenting a 5 minute pitch to the WMM Membership and the Investors 
  • At the end of each semi-finals night, finalists will be chosen by the investors as well as voted on by the WMM Community to advance to the finals.

The Finals Process:

  • The Finals will happen in September during WMMIntl 2021  (dates TBA) 
  • Finalists will present the vision of their project with ideal cast, crew, locations, etc. they want attached to their project.  
  • After the pitches the investors will conduct a group Q&A then  personally interview each team before making their final decisions. Previous to the finals, WMM & the investors will have the opportunity to meet with each individual or team as well. 
  • The investors will evaluate each project on the following criteria: 
    • Originality / Creativity
    • Story / Structure
    • Characters / Dialogue
    • Producibility (See FAQ below for more info on what this means)
  • 2-3 runner up projects will be chosen in case one of the winning projects is unable to launch
  • All 9 finalists will receive a 6-month ISAConnect Membership and the winning filmmakers will receive a 12-month ISAConnect Membership in addition to all the production resources and $25,000 cash investment! 



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