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With the popularity of self-taping growing, we know it’s challenging for actors to balance crafting a grounded and captivating performance with the technical aspects of shooting your own audition. Our acting coaches will help you see what’s missing in your performance and give you valuable feedback, so you can be confident that the tapes you’re submitting put your very best foot forward.

  • Professional gear
  • Professional sound
  • Reader provided
  • Weekends and late nights available

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$50 for 30 min (20% off for Gold  & 10% off for Silver members)

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Curtis Bechdholt is one of LA’s top audition coaches. His professional acting career began in 1993 and quickly earned Vancouver's top young actor award in 1994. In the last 4 years Curtis has transitioned into a full time coach. He has helped shape the auditions of over 300 different actors in that time, landing multiple series regulars. Because of his ability to develop actors, he has also been brought on as a manager with A.D.S Management. Curtis has a unique ability to adapt his coaching style to get the best out of each of his actors and now thanks to his virtual set up you're able to coach and self-tape with him from all over the world!

The Process

Curtis has the ability to quickly see what is missing in your audition. He tweaks the work by adding a layer or if there are too many, taking some away. He also has many tools to help actors ground themselves into character. This helps actors avoid false moments, which can prevent us from booking the role.

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Now that the vast majority of auditions are done via tape or virtually it's essential that your tapes look and sound as professional as  they can possibly be. Contact us to learn more about how Curtis works individually with each actor and audition to make sure they're submitting their BEST possible performance to casting. 

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