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A) Click any of the blue links that say BLOCK on the WMMINTL page, and you will be directed to the Eventbrite site for the corresponding Block of films. The films are linked in orange, and can be found under the block they will be shown in. You can click on the orange links for more info on the films and filmmakers as well.

Q) Where do I click to purchase tickets?

A) Yes! Gold and Silver members will get an email with the code to apply during checkout on the Eventbrite site. You will be able to use the code as many times as you like, throughout the festival, for all the screenings. Tickets are limited, so the sooner you sign up for your discounted tickets, the better your chances of getting in.

Q) Will WMM members get discounted tickets to screenings? 

A) Yes! Gold members will be issued two comps, and Silver members will be issued one comp (for the entire festival - NOT per Block). All member comps MUST be processed 12 hours prior to the screening - no comps will be issued at the door. Tickets are limited, so the sooner you sign up for your comps the better your chances of getting in. Members using their membership comps must sign up on the site using the membership comp code, AND must also check in at Will Call to ensure they still have enough unused membership comps available. There will a separate line for members wishing to use their comps.

Q) Will members be issued any comps to the screenings?

A) Yes! All the filmmakers with films in the festival will get one badge to use throughout the festival. In order to use the badge, filmmakers must RSVP 12 hours prior to the screening they wish to attend so that we can assure their accommodation. Even for your own film, you must RSVP via Eventbrite for your filmmaker badge comps using the appropriate badge code, then ALSO bring your badge to Will Call to pickup your ticket. You may transfer the ticket to any member of your team as long as they have the badge with them at Will Call.

Q) Will filmmakers with films in the festival get any discounts on tickets to screenings?

Q: What if I'm both a filmmaker with a film in the festival and a member of We Make Movies? Do I get multiple comps?

A: Your film gets one comp per Block and as long as the person using that comp has signed up on Eventbrite (using the badge comp code) before that Block has sold out, and has the badge with them at Will Call, they may use that one comp. As a member, you get either one (if you're a Silver member) or two comps (if you're Gold or higher), but you must sign up for it on Eventbrite (using the membership comp code) before that Block has sold out (and you must not have already used your allotted membership comps - which will be checked at Will Call). Your tickets and comps are transferrable, but limited to the amount described above. The amount of tickets you can buy using the 50% off discount code however are only limited by the number of seats remaining for sale in that block.


Q) are there any festival passes available this year?

A) Yes! There is an ALL FESTIVAL PASS that gets in you in all three days and all screenings and events, and there is a day pass available for each day. Click HERE to buy them.


A) If buying tickets through Eventbrite prior to the screenings, they accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. There is also a small processing fee from Eventbrite. You may also purchase tickets at the door in cash or with a credit card, but we highly encourage buying tickets prior to the screenings to ensure accommodation. 

Q) What forms of payment are accepted to buy tickets?

A) No! Our Opening Night and Closing Night Parties are free to get into. Come red carpet ready and enjoy the step&repeat, specialty cocktails by our gracious hosts at the The Plunge, and a food truck just steps outside the bar. We want to make this festival as accessible and filmmaker-budget friendly as possible, so our Industry Workshop panel will also be free to attend.

Q) is there a TICKET to get into the parties Or the industry workshop?