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Happening from July 12th - July 14th, The We Make Movies International Film Festival is a new festival celebrating the Do-It-Yourself filmmaking aesthetic. If you had an idea for a film and just went ahead and made it instead of waiting for someone else to make it for you? You are our kind of filmmaker. 

Held every summer in the heart of Hollywood, the movie capital of the world, WMMIFF is the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" festival, celebrating the self-starters and finishers of the filmmaking world.

Screenings and Industry Workshops are held at the 66-seat Second Stage space at the Broadwater Theatre, home of the nationally renowned Sacred Fools Theatre Company, providing an intimate screening experience combined with 1080p high-end digital quality..

Hosted by We Make Movies Inc., a filmmaking collective based on the value of "Making the film that YOU want to see," this 3-day festival will provide networking and social events as well as three days of on-screen programming. The theatre also features an on-premises, full-service bar -- The Broadwater Plunge -- for participants' post-screening celebrations and networking fun. 

WMMIFF is a festival based on the idea that not only do we want to show your films -- if your stuff is good enough to make it into our festival, you're the kind of filmmaker we probably want to collaborate and work with! So prepare to meet other talented filmmakers at our after-events.

The hosts of the festival pride themselves on their knowledge of the DIY filmmaking world of Hollywood, as well as the local restaurant, bar and art scene. Participating filmmakers are encouraged to ask the Festival staff for nearby bar, restaurant, entertainment and sightseeing options if they're interested in exploring Hollywood beyond the parameters of the festival grounds!