Test Screening Workshop

Our Test Screening workshop is there to help filmmakers bring their projects to the next stage of development. On this night we present ‘works in progress’ to allow filmmakers the opportunity to ask questions about their projects.

We present storyboards, short films, web series, TV shows or features (up to 15 minutes) to our supportive community of critical thinkers who give feedback to help the film maker answer any unresolved questions they might have about their project.

We only screen ‘in-development’ projects. We do not screen finished or ‘picture locked’ films. This night is ideal for filmmakers interested in feedback from our community to help answer the question: ‘What’s Next?’

Again, please note that presentations will be limited to around 15 minutes – just like our scripts for the Writers’ Workshop nights. Projects that have already come through the workshops will be given a priority, but all projects are welcome. A projector and screen will be made available if screening is necessary, and we’ll do our best to make the technical aspects as high-quality as possible.

WHEN: One Wednesday per month. Become a member to access our full calendar of events and see when our next Test Screening workshop is scheduled! Click here to submit your project to be screened! 

WHERE: All WMM workshops are being held virtually for the time being -and we have our Test Screening workshop streamed via YouTube/Zoom. More details to come once you submit your project to the queue.

If you have any other questions, concerns or just want to tell us how awesome we are, please email [email protected]

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