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Screening Series 

Join the We Make Movies team as we pair some of our favorite films (features & shorts) that came from within the WMM community alongside those from local artists. You can see indie films & network with working industry people from within & outside our own community.

Mark your calendars for the next WMM Screening Series!

WHEN: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th – 6pm - 9pm

WHERE: SUNSET & VINYL (above 800 Degrees Pizza) 1521 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Cost: $10 CASH (Codeword: We Make Movies and it is $5)

RSVP: Click here to RSVP on Eventbrite. 



PRECIOUS GOLD / 2016 / 4 minutes

When she becomes lost in a dark warehouse, a young girl must grow closer to the adult she will one day become, if she is to find inner strength and emerge into the next stage of her life.

Directed by Jayk Gallagher / Written & Performed by the Band Beca



PAST DUE / 2012 / 19 minutes and 50 seconds

Drowning in debt, Evelyn's quiet life is turned upside down by the relentless harassment of collection agent Scott Burgess.  With nothing left to lose, Evelyn sets out to face the situation head on and stumbles across a payment plan she can afford.

Directed by: Denise C. Plumb / Written by: Denise C. Plumb and Celeste Pechous / Cinematography by: Nancy Schreiber/ Edited by: Kindra Marra / Produced by: Kathlyn Horan

Starring: Pat Atkins, Steven G. Lawrence, Ben Neff, Katie Neff, Celeste Pechous, Anne Ramsay, Patty Sherman & Whit Spurgeon




tick tock upload.png

TICK-TOCK / 2016 / 6 minutes and 12 seconds

A suspenseful, dark-humored short in the tradition of Hitchcock and maybe a bit of David Lynch thrown in for good measure. A cautionary tale of listening to your elders when they tell a story to you on a park bench. It's also about the concept of cinematic time/memory.

Directed by: Brendan Ryan


wmm monkeys.png

MONKEYS / 2015 / 15 minutes

Years after their toxic relationship ended, Lila's and Gimmie's lives are still mysteriously connected. But Lila has spiraled out of control. Will Gimmie be able to save her?

Directed by: Christopher Soren Kelly / Written by: Clark D. Schaefer / Produced by: Clark D. Schaefer, Christopher Soren Kelly and Jessica Graham /

Starring: Jessica Graham and Christopher Soren Kelly / Cinematography by: Adrian M. Pruett


Present Tense.png

PRESENT TENSE / 2017 / 5 minutes

It’s the thought that counts. Or maybe not …

Directed by: Whit Spurgeon / Written by: Steve Newman / Produced by: Whit Spurgeon and Steve Newman / Edited by: Yu Jung Hou / Cinematography by: Kevin Sambles

Starring: Aubrey Mozino, Steve Newman & Chris Hatfield


WMM SS 10.29.17 ALDO.jpg


ALDO / 2014 / 66 minutes

Aldo is an independent hair stylist in Echo Park. When he places a do or die bet on a basketball playoff series, he gets into trouble with a loan shark.

Directed by: Ross Kolton / Written by: Ross Kolton and Ryan Mazzei / Cinematography and Edited by: Ross Kolton / Produced by: Ross Kolton, Dane Mazzei & Ryan Mazzei

Starring: John Abrahams, Emily Arlook, Patrick Brennan, T.J. Dalrymple, Raymond Mazzei, Taylor Montague, Nicole Simone & Cole Waterhouse