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We Make Movies’ Production Rules & Regulations

(applicable for In-House Productions & Challenge Projects)

The following rules were created to insure that all funds are distributed and used in accordance with We Make Movies values.

Production assistance for winners from We Make Movies:

  • Associate Producer(s) are assigned to all Challenge and In-House Projects. Specifically, they serve to monitor the progress throughout pre-production, production and post-production. They intercede when necessary and if ultimately necessary, withhold funding from projects that are not abiding by We Make Movies Rules and Regulations for Productions.

  • A Co-Producer or Production Manager is assigned to all projects to act as a liaison for insurance purposes, and as the signer for all SAG-AFTRA Signatory contracts.

General Procedure:

  • Productions (In-House or Challenge) are only open to current We Make Movies members in good standing from the Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships.

  • WMM Operations and Team members are also eligible to submit to challenges and special production opportunities that are open to regular members.

  • Size and scope of produced scripts vary from project to project, and a suggestion is given based on the budget that is being relinquished. (FOR CHALLENGES this will be covered in greater detail under “Submission / Selection Process” below.)

Script Submissions For All Challenges And In-House Production Opportunities:

  • All scripts submitted must be original and unproduced as films.

  • There must be a production team of at least of two people (referred to hereafter as the CORE PRODUCTION TEAM): Producer, Director and/or Writer. Both members of the Core Production Team must be We Make Movies members in good standing.

  • The core production team must remain intact throughout the finals and through production. If the core production team changes during the process at any point, the project can be deemed ineligible and/or may need to forfeit funds. Changes to the team must be approved by We Make Movies.  

  • Submitting member of the piece does not have to be the writer, but does need to own the rights to produce it (and proof of rights) that allow the member (producer) to legally assign non-exclusive rights to We Make Movies for the production (though not the source material) in perpetuity, if they produce a Challenge or In-House Production. Written proof of rights need to be provided during the submission process, or the core production team will not be eligible to submit.

For Challenge Submissions:

  • All projects must be submitted by a member. The script may be written by a non-member, but the non-member cannot be a part of the pitch process. (They are, of course, welcome to become members to submit.)

  • All projects must be unproduced as films.

  • Scripts will be evaluated on the following elements: Producibility, Character/Dialogue, Story/Structure and Originality/Creativity. However, producibility will hold equal significance to the other three categories combined, and will be rated specifically on its ability to be produced for the AMOUNT designated for the current challenge.

  • Two readers will read every script BUT in the event of a tie, or in the case of the first two readers submitting vastly different scores, and third reader will be assigned.

  • For the Finals, a rough budget must be submitted with the submission, or the project will be deemed ineligible.

  • For the Finals, no directors or producers can crossover to other Finals projects.

  • For the Finals, two MEMBERS have to pitch the project. Non-members will not be considered or permitted to pitch, for any reason. These two members may not participate in a pitch of any other project in the finals.

  • The two members pitching will be then be considered as the “core production team.” If that team wins the finals they are not allowed to change the core production team without getting approval from WMM Operations FIRST.

  • The submission form includes a field where the submitting member may address certain potential producibility issues. (For instance, if the script calls for a very specific type of car already owned by a team member, or if it requires some specific VFX and a team member happens to be a professional VFX artist, one should mention those kinds of things.) This information will be forwarded to the readers with the scripts and taken into account while rating each on its producibility. In the event that one doesn’t submit something in this field in regards to the producibility of scripts, it will be assumed that there is no plan in place, and the producibility rating will be affected accordingly.

  • Once each script moves onto the Semi-Finals, casting will be coordinated by WMM Operations and the participants, giving each participant as much say in the casting process as possible. At least half of the cast must be comprised of We Make Movies members for the Finals.

  • Gold, Platinum and Silver members may cast a vote on each project. For members to be eligible to vote, they have to be present to hear all the scripts. From this, the Finalists will be established, where again, members may vote to decide the winners or winner.  

  • In-House and Challenge Productions will work with three Associate Producers from the Operations team to work with throughout the pre-production, production and post-production process. A mandatory pre-production preparatory meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of the production process. If the entire core production team is not present for this meeting, they either have to reschedule the meeting or forfeit their award.

  • In-House and Challenge Productions will have unlimited access to We Make Movies Production Insurance and Workman’s Comp at no cost to the Production. If the production needs We Make Movies to be the SAG-AFTRA signatory, an additional fee for handling the paperwork will apply.

  • Every production team is required to bring their projects back through our PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP and also the TEST SCREENING WORKSHOP.

  • Each project must have their SAG-AFTRA Paperwork turned into We Make Movies no less than five weeks before production, and all insurance certificates must be requested no less than 48 hours before start of production.

  • Each Production is required to submit their final budget no less than five weeks before principle photography.

  • Members will get 50% funding one month before scheduled production. The other 50% of the funding will be distributed 72 hours before-hand.

  • Producers (from the core producing team) must meet with the Associate Producing Team (WMM) during the pre-production period, if requested.

  • In-House and Challenge Productions will have access to production equipment, post-production services, and DCP services at Gold Member rates. (Subject to availability, although priority will be placed on Challenge winners when possible.)

  • A picture, sound and color locked version of all 4 winners must be turned in to WMM no later then October 2nd, 2020.

  • The members of the “core production team” will not be allowed to participate in any future film challenges if they have any WMM Film Challenge projects still outstanding or completed.

We Make Movies reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Rules and Regulations, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Rules and Regulations periodically for changes. Your continued participation in the Challenge following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes. As long as you comply with these Rules and Regulations, We Make Movies grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to remain eligible to be voted a winner and remain eligible for the producing assistance and renumeration as listed above.