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Afrika is a Country | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

A visual allegory using symbolism to speak about willful blindness in the “first world” and how in order maintain our lifestyle, we inadvertently we feed off the riches of developing countries. The title Afrika is a Country is a tongue-and-cheek phrase that has become a playful hashtag in South Africa after George Bush mistakingly referred to the “country of Africa” in a public speech.

Lauren Hall; Sibongile Mlambo; Whit Spurgeon; Jamal Douglas - Director(s) Frances Kroon - Writer(s) Frances Kroon - Cinematographer(s) Frances Kroon - Editor(s) Benjamin Toletino - Composer(s) Felix Laband

Baked Ziti | 2016 | COMEDY

Two low-level wiseguys get orders to whack their boss’s rivals or get whacked themselves. But they’re thieves, not killers, with a cop on their tails. Desperate for an out, they find a surprising shot at survival in a bowl of baked ziti.

Ronnie Marmo / Sal - Christopher Frederick / Pauly - James Marshall / Kowalski - Carmine Caridi / Little Louie - Gina Juliet / Gina - John Bigham / Enrico - Dominic Oliver / Detective Rossi -Director: Sascha Schneider - Writer: Kaenan Oliver & Dominic Oliver - Story by: Kaenan Oliver & Michael Cole Dinelli -Cinematographer: Aashish Gandhi - Editor: Chris Cibelli - Composer: Fabian Fernandez

Beast | 2018 | HORROR

When a destructive force shifts the balance of power between two sisters, it tests the strength of their relationship. They must reconcile their differences of be overwhelmed by its force.

Cast: Orli Gottesman/Younger Sister - Arielle Gottesman/Older Sister - Director: Natalie Peracchio - Writer: Natalie Peracchio - Cinematographer: Ted von Bevern - Editor: Natalie Peracchio

Being and Becoming  | 2019 | EXPERIMENTAL

When I hear “There is no failure, there are only lessons!" I feel uneasy. Once, a fortune teller told me: “ You will enter the world of art through the main door.“ She was right, I work in one of the most admired museums in the world. Just that my job is not exactly what I expected.

Cast: Maite Abella - Director: Maite Abella - Writer: Maite Abella - Cinematographer: Maite Abella - Editor: Maite Abella - Composer: Pau Casals

Blackstocking Jenkins  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

A down and out bluesman attempts to talk his way out of purgatory.

Cast: Rhomeyn Johnson, Christopher DeMaci, Bill Ferris, Catherine Black, Shana Gregory Williams - Director: Eric Michael Kochmer - Writer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Cinematographer: Kiko Suura - Editor: Eric Michael Kochmer - Composer: Sapna Gandhi & John Mickevich


BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation to give new cinematic life to books. It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema by Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. It experiments locomotion of Dance along with its stream: Ballet-Korean dance-Modern dance-Jazz dance-Aerial Silk-Tap dance-Aerobic-Disco-Break dance-Hip hop-Social dance.

Cast: Art, Sound & Choreography by SHON KIM - Director: SHON KIM - Writer: SHON KIM - Cinematographer: SHON KIM - Editor: SHON KIM - Composer: SHON KIM

Broke A$$ Rich Kid  | 2018 | COMEDY

A coming-of-age story about going broke for a higher purpose.

Cast: Allen Landver / Sid Frisbee - Ellen Gerstein / Katia - Jake Olson / Steve Babinsky - Angel Cardenas / Angel - Director: Allen Landver - Writer: Allen Landver - Cinematographer: Colton Davie - Editor: Puppett - Composer: Allyson Newman

Bucky  | 2018  | COMEDY

A third date does not go as expected when Amy’s lifelong friend Bucky confronts her date Peter.

Cast: Victoria Ippolito, Michael Beardsley, Geoffrey Gould, Shannon Glasgow - Director: Geoffrey Gould - Writer: Geoffrey Gould - Cinematographer: Bruce Birnbaum, Jorge Olortegui - Editor: Michael Beardsley - Composer: John Mickevich

Buscando la luz / Caminos de luz  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

Looking for the light that illuminates the “experimental” paths of uncertainty, search, play, random... as signs of the path of our mortal and untransferable lives. While doing this work as a metaphor for experimental cinema, my father died. I wish that we both find the light of our paths of death and life. Homage to Oriol Perucho and my father. — Rrose Present 2018

Director: Rrose Present - Writer: Rrose Present - Cinematographer: Rrose Present - Editor: Rrose Present - Composer: Oriol Perucho

Chronopath  | 2018 | DRAMA

To protect a mother and son fleeing a murderous husband in a smog-ridden future LA, Detective Inés Nieblas must use the ability to alter past events. In a polluted near-future, Inés Nieblas is a new kind of LAPD Detective called a Chronopath; she has the power to change the outcome of a murder within the first 24 hours after it takes place. She places her hand over the fingerprints of the victim, and, only once, can go back in time as that victim and attempt to alter the past. - Co-Produced by Lynette Coll of Breaker, Executive Producer of David Lynch's "The Happy Worker"

Cast: Lynette Coll, Noree Victoria, Daz Crawford, Justin Pelovello, Jayk Gallagher - Director: Jayk Gallagher - Writer: Jayk Gallagher - Cinematographer: Ian Clampett - Editor: Mike Dowling - Composer: Patrick Houston

Cole & Colette  | 2018 | HORROR

Amid a rash of kidnappings, a woman fears someone trying to break into her home.

Cast: Becca Buckalew / Colette - Matt McAbee / Cole - Tippi Thomas / Camille - Jane Petrov / Newscaster - Director: Matthew Boda - Writer: Harker Jones - Cinematographer: Brandon Woodard - Editor: Matthew Boda - Composer: Justin Paul Morales

Dada Ship  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

A Dadaist time travel film. A ship on the oceans of time, born out of a dream. Our dreams offer unparalleled luxury travel, after all. A celebration of all things queer and dada. A hand-made split-screen experimental film using the technique of disrupted stereoscopy and collage détournement of found images. Not a film: an anti film. Dada gives Time it’s own reflection; it’s alterity; it’s Other.

Director: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Writer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Cinematographer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Editor: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Composer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Dickatine  | 2016 | COMEDY

A fake solution for a fake problem!

Cast: Richard Abraham, Brooke Hasalton, Rick Hettish - Director: Adam Lesar and Scott Javore - Writer: Scott Javore and Adam Lesar - Cinematographer: Adam Lesar - Editor: Shant Hamassian - Composer: Various

EVE  | 2017  | DRAMA

Eve exposes a 74 year old woman’s journey through grief, sexual passion and renewal

Cast: Susan Bay-Nimoy, Alexander Dipersia, Paulo Costanzo, Joan Scheckel - Director: Susan Bay-Nimoy - Writer: Susan Bay-Nimoy - Cinematographer: James Frohna - Editor: Julie Cohen - Sound design: Frank Gaeta - Music supervisor: Jennifer Nash

Ex No More  | 2018 | COMEDY

A desperate man will do anything to win back his ex girlfriend and he found just the company to do it for him.

Editor: Jack Zullo - Composer: Kevin Mathie

Exhalation  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

We break the world with an exhalation and leave it with another exhalation, then nothingness.

Cast: Ángela Molina, María Hervás, Adrián Expósito - Director: Al Díaz - Writer: Al Díaz - Cinematographer: Miguel Ángel Viñas - Editor: Raquel Sánchez - Composer: Luis Hernaiz

Field of Infinity  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

Inspired by both Italian renaissance paintings and contemporary news broadcasts from Gaza protests at the border with Israel - the work processes human gestures and figures in landscape into a dark and colourful scramble. Following Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of ‘Plane of immanence’, the work aims to open up an array of reflections, including concerns about the political image, image of the political, the politics of the image, and the image of image.

Director: Guli Silberstein - Writer: Guli Silberstein - Cinematographer: Guli Silberstein - Editor: Guli Silberstein - Composer: Audio Network

Finding China  | 2015 | DRAMA

A cowboy deals with an identity crisis with the help of his beau.

Cast: Alex Duong, Christina Marie Leonard - Director: Alex Duong - Writer: Alex Duong - Cinematographer: John Albrecht - Editor: John Albrecht - Composer: John Albrecht

Flight  | 2018 |  EXPERIMENTAL

Most of the clips in this movie were shot during a flight from JFK to SFO. There is nothing quite like late afternoon autumn & winter light. The colors and contrasts were quite irresistible.

Cast: Sylvia Toy St. Louis / Woman - Director: Sylvia Toy St. Louis - Writer: Sylvia Toy St. Louis - Cinematographer: Sylvia Toy St. Louis - Editor: Sylvia Toy St. Louis - Composer: Sylvia Toy St. Louis

Funny Brown People - “Episode: The Honorable”  | 2018 | COMEDY

A maintenance man and his hotel housekeeping wife in Oxnard, California, try to make a living and instill family values in their children while trying to understand and navigate their children’s Americanized lifestyle and views.

Cast: Alejandro Patino / Jeronimo Valdez - Cristina Frias / Gloria Valdez - Manual Correa / J.J. Valdez - Idalis Amezcua / Lydia Valdez - Director: Salvador Paniagua - Writer: Salvador Paniagua - Cinematographer: Carlos Jimenez - Editor: Cleveland Buckner - Composer: Quetzal Flores

Get into Gere  | 2018 | COMEDY

A couple preparing to get married keep having the same fight stemming from the guy’s hero-worship obsession with Richard Gere.

Cast: Tierney Malloy, Anthony Giambusso - Director: James Leighton - Writer: Anthony Giambusso - Cinematographer: Cody Sorensen - Editor: Michael Roush - Composer: Ryan Tremblay, James Berthiaume

Girl Trip  | 2018 | HORROR

A fun road trip ends in murder and mayhem when hidden resentments between best friends surface and everyone learns the hard way never to get in the middle of a catfight.

Cast: Catherine Black / Naomi - Brooke Lenzi / Gretchen Micah Parker / Darren - Rich Ceraulo / John - Suzanne Birrell / Barb - Director: Catherine Black - Writer: Catherine Black, Brooke Lenzi - Cinematographer: Matthew Boyd - Editor: Travis Flournoy - Composer: Ryan Rapsys

Glances  | 2014 |  DRAMA

While hanging out with a straight friend from work, Josh struggles to keep a secret.

Cast: Jordon Sorenson / Josh - Tim Dolinar / Mark - Director: Trevor Davis - Writer: Trevor Davis - Cinematographer: Michael Caradonna - Editor: Michael Starr - Composer: Dan Phillipson

Good Cop, Bad Cop and Maude  | 2019 | COMEDY

Time is running out for a very unconventional team of detectives as they try to stop the World’s Deadliest Terrorist from destroying the city.

Cast: Nirav Mehta, Adam Lesar and Kirby the Dog - Director: Nirav Mehta - Writer: Nirav Mehta and Aaron Dancik - Cinematographer: Luke Knezevic - Editor: Adam Lesar - Composer: Various

Happy Hour  | 2016 | COMEDY

A divorcee attempts to teach her newly single friend the art of picking up younger men during happy hour, but instead she ends up learning something new herself.

Cast: Christina Gray / Julia - Amy Lloyd / Aubrey - Bill Ferris / Sam - Robert DiTillio / Ben - Joseph Niemeier / Christopher - Tehana Weeks / Bethany - Ryan Joseph Murphy / Murphy - Jared Boghosian / Bryan - Eric Shettl / Chase - Director: Ambika Leigh - Writer: Christina Gray - Cinematographer: Collier Landry - Editor: Ambika Leigh - Composer: various

Harmful Sensations  | 2015 | HORROR

A young gay man addicted to sex, drinking and nightlife has a casual encounter and contracts a nasty,unknown venereal infection. A surreal, horror-comedy from director Jensen Rule Tierra. “Harmful Sensations” charts a descent into violence, madness and redemption.

Cast: Michael James Kelly / “R” - Jöelle Bayaa-Uzuri / Honey - Johnny Kostrey / “Mr. Scruff” - Scott Fleming / Max - Isaac Cruz / Sal - Adyr Villavicencio / Brett - Director: Jensen Rule Tierra - Writer: Jensen Rule Tierra, Nick Marenco - Cinematographer: Russo Mutuc - Editor: Annemarije de Boer

Herman the Monkey  | 2015 | COMEDY

A German man in a Gorilla costume is held against his will as part of a diabolical prank.

Cast: Whit Spurgeon, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar, Alexis Brandt - Director: Shant Hamassian - Writer: Scott Javore - Cinematographer: Yvgeniy Zhuk - Editor: Shant Hamassian - Composer: Simon Michel

Hipster Sweatshop  | 2018 | COMEDY

When Siri Melon inherits a warehouse building in downtown Los Angeles, she is faced with real responsibility for the first time in her life. She visits the property planning to evict the one tenant, PRKR Jewelry Boutique, to make room for high-priced condos. While there, she meets Jesus, a hot bike messenger who hates rich people, and there’s ELECTRICITY! Charmed by Jesus and the boutique’s super-stylish staff, Siri hides her wealth and takes a job at PRKR. When the sales staff uncovers the truth, Jesus feels betrayed and Siri scrambles to win back his trust as everyone’s fate unfolds...in song.

Cast: Alice Lee, Zach Villa, Kalimba Bennett Tuck, Danielle Bisutti, Zack Colonna, Aaron Jung, Safiya Quinley, Bianca Gisselle, Michael Thomas Grant, Cassie Hernandez, Brett Wyman - Director: Nate Kim - Writer: Kyle Puccia, Darryl Stephens, Kurtis Simmons - Cinematographer: Brian Winckler - Editor: Bobby Field - Composer: Kyle Puccia, Darryl Stephens, Kurtis Simmons


Hot Water  | 2018 | DRAMA

Jeanne is new to the US, doesn’t have a job nor credit history, and finds herself sleeping in her car. Hunter envisions her a damsel in distress and he her savior. The film explores grey areas, the banality of misogyny and the nuance of power imbalance. Its important to me that we recognize the everyday struggles of women’s safety as well as the Weinstein cases.

Cast: Nell Teare / Jeanne - Hunter Cope / Hunter - Luci MacNair / Friend - George Basil / Landlord - Director: Madeline Mack - Writer: Madeline Mack - Cinematographer: Michael Lincoln - Editor: Ariel Shaw

I Think I Need a Drink  | 2017 | COMEDY

A disgraced detective, desperately trying to regain his position on the squad, reluctantly teams up with a drunk informant to hunt for a cunning fugitive. An original crime comedy.

Cast: David McCullough, Ernie Charles - Director: Ernie Charles - Writer: Ernie Charles - Cinematographer: Mike A. Ojeda - Editor: Mike A. Ojeda, Kendall Hawley - Composer: Mark TownS

In Absentia | Ep 1 - Stranded  | 2017 | HORROR

Dark, mysterious and visually captivating, “In Absentia” is an anthology series consisting of contemporary, dark folk tales that focus on the absence of life’s normal order.


I’ve Said And Done Things That No One Will Ever Remember  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL
Block Eight | Block Twelve

Experimental essay journals in 60-second film format.

Cast: Eric Michael Kochmer - Director: Eric Michael Kochmer - Writer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Cinematographer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Editor: Eric Michael Kochmer - Composer: Rachel Mason, John Arroyo and Jeff Gold

Kiki’s Film  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

A dream poem for Kiki de Montparnasse, (Alice Prin); artist, muse, and artistic partner of Man Ray. Kiki embodies the essence of 1920’s free queer sexuality and all things Dadaist and Surrealist. Kiki looks directly at the viewer in a dream occult homage; in Kiki’s imagined “lost film.” Kiki’s Film is a no budget DIY collage and abstraction of rephotographed and optically printed images, rendered in wild colors that express the queer jazz age aesthetic and a radically bisexual feminist agenda.

Cast: Kiki de Montparnasse / Herself - Director: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Writer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Cinematographer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Editor: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Composer: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

La Vita Solitaria  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

“La Vita Solitaria” is a poem written by Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. The poem alternates between moments of quiet and peace and moments of anxiety and pain. The video tries to represent this contrast of emotions.

Director: Ugo D’Eramo - Writer: Ugo D’Eramo - Cinematographer: Ugo D’Eramo - Editor: Ugo D’Eramo - Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach – “Preludio e Fuga in C Maggiore, BWV 846”

Lie Detector   | 2011 | COMEDY

Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there’s a lie detector present at his job interview! *BEEP* He’s screwed. And he’s going to find out just how much the truth really hurts.

Cast: Dane Hanson, Mike Heim, Danny Gutierrez - Director: Paul Emerson - Writer: Dane Hanson - Cinematographer: Rich Yodsukar - Editor: Paul Emerson

Light/Less  | 2018 | DRAMA

After the Jedi are all but wiped out, Adi Gallia desperately searches for survivors. Forced to take refuge in a strange cave, Adi finds her friends held captive by a mysterious evil. To save them, she must face the darkness within herself.

Cast: Veronica Roy / Adi - Amy Schumacher / Trestan - Juliette Kendall / Maris - Director: Steven LaMorte - Writer: Veronica Roy, Amy Schumacher, Juliette Kendall - Cinematographer: Landis Aponte - Editor: Steven LaMorte, Stephanie Sheffield - Composer: Jeremy Robinson

MAGA!  | 2018  | COMEDY

An extreme republican and an extreme democrat argue the day away at their job. The two men are hired hitmen that find they have a target that clashes with their politics. Do they do the job anyway?

Cast: Bron Theron, Chris Kohls - Director: Jordan C Michael - Writer: Bron Theron,Chris Kohls - Cinematographer: Zachary Malloy - Editor: Jordan C Michael - Composer: Add Color

Magic-Off: The Final Act  | 2017 | COMEDY

The classic red magician and the modern blue magician find themselves battling for sorcerer’s supremacy over a misunderstanding. But when a third unknown wizard steps into the fray, they must set aside their differences to stop his dark magic before it destroys them both.

Cast: Blake Conner, Jacob Guenin, Josh Elliott, Samantha Essex - Director: Blake Conner - Writer: Blake Conner - Cinematographer: Blake Conner, Nick Kinder - Editor: Blake Conner

Millicent & Me and The Apple Tree  | 2019 | COMEDY

Ella, an impoverished chimney sweep in Hollywood, finds Millicent, a lonely mouse puppet on Hollywood Blvd. Ella’s realistic world is brought into musical fantasy as Ella is inspired by Millicent to explore her biggest wish ever: her wish of becoming a ... movie star!

Cast: Heidi Schooler / Ella/Passionella & Millicent - Serene Zloof / Dreamer Girl - Lauren Simon / Landlady - Tony Mouleart / Angry Car Owner - Director: John Beaton Hill - Writer: Additional writing by: Heidi Schooler & John Beaton HIll, based on an original story by Jules Feiffer, from the Broadway musical “The Apple Tree”. - Cinematographer: John Beaton Hill - Editor: Matthew Roseman - Composer: Songs: Music by Jerry Bock, Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Mousse  | 2013 |  COMEDY

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?

Cast: Stéphane Bertola / Mousse - Gunnar Ernblad / Törner - Marienette Dahlin / Maggan - Roberto Gonzalez / Washington - Director: John Hellberg - Writer: John Hellberg - Cinematographer: Johan Helmer - Editor: John Hellberg / Peter Wendin - Composer: Adam Hagstrand

My Balls on Your Supercar  | 2019 | DOCUMENTARY

My Balls are mushed onto a Supercar in protest of, well everything.

Cast: Jack Zullo, Eric Michael Kochmer - Director: Eric Michael Kochmer - Writer: Jack Zullo - Cinematographer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Editor: Eric Michael Kochmer


A “shot-in-one-take” slasher film about a teenage girl who lures a masked killer by committing horror movie sins.

Cast: Lily Berlina / Jenelle - Scott Javore / The Bait - Adam Lesar / The Killer - David Swann / Dad - Eve Constance / Mom - Director: Shant Hamassian - Writer: Shant Hamassian - Cinematographer: Eli Tahan - Editor: Shant Hamassian - Composer: Simon Michel

Obsidian  | 2019 |  EXPERIMENTAL

A man tries to move on after his wife dies of cancer. But is that actually how she died?

Cast: Michael Defrancesca / Dean - Arianna Anderson / Rosa/Ari - Director: Zack Anderson - Writer: Zack Anderson - Cinematographer: Zack Anderson - Editor: Zack Anderson - Composer: Kevin Macleod

On the way to Lovetown  | 2016 | DRAMA

The road to a city named “Lovetown” becomes the site of a roadside fight to the death between a hot ex-teacher named Sunny and most wanted criminal Monroe. Featuring a strong female protagonist, the story unfolds in an unexpected way, with Sunny saving her loved one and avenging her family.

Cast: Joanna Luna / Sunny - Brrandon Stacy / Jack - Brian Gross / Nick - Theresa Ireland / Marilyn - Director: Mariya Pyter - Writer: Mariya Pyter, Brian Gross - Cinematographer: Mike McGill - Editor: Yana Gorskaya, Mattia Marzulli - Composer: Andru Thomas

Ordinary Girl  | 2018 | DRAMA

A past secret is revealed when a middle-aged couple in a new relationship discuss expectations about their future.

Cast: Lisa Roumain / Kate - Bradley Snedeker / Armstrong - Director: Larissa Merriman - Writer: Larissa Merriman - Cinematographer: Alex Pollini - Editor: Eliya Reis - Composer: Daniel Meza

Owen  | 2018  | EXPERIMENTAL

A biographical essay film about the last memories of the filmmaker Owen Land.

Cast: Eric Michael Kochmer - Director: Eric Michael Kochmer - Writer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Cinematographer: Eric Michael Kochmer - Editor: Eric Michael Kochmer - Composer: John Arroyo

Pop&Spin  | 2019 |  COMEDY

When EDM DJ Datgirl lands a meeting with a booking agent, only to discover that she and her partner Zapper are too ‘sex, drugs, and techno’ for the healing transformational festival scene, they create their own transformational benefit to get famous ... and also to ... Save the Bees? Datgirl and Zapper cross the lines of party politics and navigate through some hostile coconut-waters in this magically-real hilariously-hip pop candy electronic music comedy series.

Cast: Serene Zloof / DATGIRL - Zac Jones / ZAPPER - Roxanne Ferrara / MARGEAUX - Director: Curtis Bechdholt - Writer: Serene Zloof - Cinematographer: Sam Rosenthal - Editor: Serene Zloof - Composer: Datgirl, Zapper

Powerpuff Girls: The Long Way Back  | 2019 | COMEDY

Based on the hit cartoon , “Powerpuff Girls: The Long Way Back” is a live-action reimagining of our favorite super sibs - The Powerpuff Girls! 10 years after losing their powers, and their father, Professor Utonium, the estranged sisters reunite for one final mission, facing old foes and becoming heroes once again!

Cast: Dina Cataldi, Krystle Martin, Jisaura Cardinale, Joe Abraham - Director: Steven LaMorte - Writer: Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus - Cinematographer: Katie Eleneke - Editor: Mathew Roscoe - Composer: Dennis Poore

Present Tense  | 2017 | COMEDY

It’s the thought that counts. Right?

Cast: Aubrey Mozino, Steve Newman, Whit Spurgeon, Chris Hatfield - Director: Whit Spurgeon - Writer: Steve Newman - Cinematographer: Kevin Sambells - Editor: Hou Yu Jung

Richard No Dick  | 2018 | COMEDY

A douchebag tries to adjust to life after overdosing on male enhancement drugs that caused his penis to explode.

Cast: Luke Cook - Director: Jay Blair - Writer: Anthony Giambusso - Cinematographer: Mike Hermosa - Editor: Mike Hermosa, Jay Blair

Scrap  | 2018  | DRAMA

After getting fired, young single-mom BETH finds herself living in her car and hiding her homelessness from her estranged brother BEN, but when a game-changing job interview pops up, she must figure out whether she can ask him for help.

Cast: Vivian Kerr / BETH - Anthony Rapp / BEN - Elizabeth Ho / STACY - John Billingsley / STEVE - Stephanie Drake / TAYLOR - Martha Hackett / GWEN - Director: Leena Pendharkar - Writer: Vivian Kerr - Cinematographer: Daud Sani - Editor: Sunghwan Moon

Shapes  | 2018 |  MID-LENGTH

Following the lives of Eddie G and Nicki Shapes, two amateur dancers from the suburbs that dance in a style of shuffling called "cutting shapes." These two live day-to-day either working meaningless jobs or practicing their moves in a garage. The duo call themselves Sauga Shapes and post their dancing videos on Instagram to a nonexistent fan base. Everything changes when they are asked to compete in a competition with some of the best local dancers. They will have to overcome stiff competition, crippling performance anxiety, their first moment in the spotlight and an infamous rival known as The Octagon.

Cast: Edward Giatti, Nicolas Pizzimenti - Director: Francesco Philip Reale & Julian Reale - Writer: Francesco Philip Reale, Julian Reale, Edward Giatti, Nicolas Pizzimenti - Cinematographer: Julian Reale, Francesco Philip Reale - Editor: Vasily Gasitsky - Composer: Edward Giatti, pond5.com, freemusicarchive.com

Silverlake Afternoon  | 2018 | COMEDY

Michael is 33 and he’s never been with a guy. His first encounter is going to be awkward...and also kinda great.

Cast: Michael Osborne, Dakota Greene - Director: Michael Osborne, Rebecca Holopter - Writer: Michael Osborne - Cinematographer: Aaron Proctor - Editor: Michael Osborne - Composer: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

SIX PACK  | 2018 |  COMEDY

Russell really loves beer. The film challenges what ‘female comedy’ looks like and pushes the boundary for what is acceptable on screen.

Cast: George Basil / Russell - Lula Carson-Basil / Criminal - Thom Shelton / Upstanding citizen - Director: Madeline Mack - Writer: Michael Lincoln & Madeline Mack - Cinematographer: Michael Lincoln - Editor: Emily Robb, Joe Lee - Composer: Marlon Williams, George Thorogood

Skin Deep  | 2018 | COMEDY

A dark comedy about two sisters in the 1960’s who strive for dominance in an epic battle for sibling supremacy.

Cast: Amanda Serra, Kristina Aaryn Martin - Director: Elizabeth Serra - Writer: Elizabeth and Victoria Serra - Cinematographer: Elizabeth and Victoria Serra - Editor: Victoria Serra - Composer: FirstCom music license

Soil  | 2017  | EXPERIMENTAL

Conceived through the division of the screen into nine cinematic frames, the film “Soil” narrates the journey of a young man carrying a handful of soil into the grave of a deceased soldier who happens to be burying his own dead body. With the form integrated into narrative, it is possible to watch every phase of his journey synchronically. Wherever he goes the smell of the soil remains the same.

Cast: Güray Yalçın, Can Özmen, Efe Özmen - Director: Alican Durbaş - Writer: Alican Durbaş - Cinematographer: Berker Ersoy - Editor: Alican Durbaş

Standdown  | 2018 | DRAMA

Three comedians explore the hilarity of being a woman these days. Are we laughing, or are we listening?

Cast: Susan Louise O’Connor, Sharon Spence, Allison Youngberg - Director: Krista Amigone - Writer: Susan Louise O’Connor - Cinematographer: Lana Titov - Editor: Krista Amigone

Station Girl  | 2018 | MUSIC VIDEO

“Station Girl” is a music video for Leo Crandall’s song “Station Girl” included in the album “The Art of Swimming”. It was directed by Emma Piper-Burket and Vasilios Papaioannu. Shot in 16mm film and hand processed in Marcola, Oregon, July-August of 2017.

Director: Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket - Writer: Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket - Cinematographer: Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket - Editor: Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket - Composer: Leo Crandall

Strange Animal  | 2019 | EXPERIMENTAL

Strange animal, the dictatorship: men without wings, birds without feet.

Cast: Alessandra Carneiro de Mendonça / Voice Ricardo Righi / Voice - Director: Arthur B. Senra - Writer: Arthur B. Senra , Paulo Vilara - Cinematographer: (Images) - Alex Budovsky, Arthur B. Senra, Cris Ventura, Guto Borges, Jaoacelio Batista, Marisa Merlo, Pedro Paulo Rocha, Saulo Salomão , Sávio Leite - Editor: Arthur B. Senra - Composer: Thiago Guedes , Tiago Salgado

Summer Hill  | 2018 | DRAMA

The teenagers of a rural community are confronted by the not-so-charming realities of their hometown on the eve of its annual beauty pageant.

Cast: Aryamar Colon-Pappaterra / Jasmine Washington - Molly Cohen / Trixie Cardullo - Griffin DeLisle / Brad Walsh Nicole Sliwka / Ashlyn Ford - Heather Bounds / Bailey Michal Roxie Johnson / Ms. Washington - Sarah Sickels / Mrs. Ford - Jimi Kinstle / Sheriff Cardullo - Director: Tyler C. Peterson - Writer: Tyler C. Peterson - Cinematographer: Amanda Ferrarese - Editor: Tyler C. Peterson - Composer: Amanda Ferrarese & Nick Gorey

The Bibcocks’ Incursion  | 2019 | COMEDY

A man pushed to the brink ... when facing three bathroom sinks.

Cast: Nate Ward / Jordan Rafferty - Josh Cieszynski / The Wheelchair Man - Director: Alvin Joo - Writer: Nate Ward - Cinematographer: Luke Sargent - Editor: Colton Stock - Composer: Barry J. Neely

The Briefcase  | 2018 | COMEDY

It was supposed to be a foolproof plan. Except the fools planned it. The crime of the century lasted about 12 minutes.

Cast: Brian Wallace / The Boss - Matt Mitchell / Henchman 1 - Trymaine Alfred / Henchman 2 - Rene Hartel / The Woman - Director: Matt Mitchell & Brian Wallace - Writer: Brian Wallace - Cinematographer: Cat Davoudi - Editor: Matt Mitchell & Brian Wallace - Composer: Andrew G/Envato Market

The Daycare  | 2018 | COMEDY

A retired SAS veteran and his son employ an unorthodox approach to deal with perpetrators of abuse.

Cast: Tom Conlan, Guy Picot, Erik Campbell, Amy Scribner - Director: Mark Hensley - Writer: Peggy Lewis - Cinematographer: Kourosh Pari - Editor: Mark Hensley - Composer: Vincent Jones

The Delivery  | 2019 | DRAMA

A strange package will forever alter the lives of a group of contentious acquaintances.

Cast: Sammy Anderson / Kyle - Dustin Harnish / Julian - Larena Patrick / Wendy - Tricia Raye / Sheila - Bri Shain / Brooklyn - Director: Waymon Boone - Writer: Waymon Boone - Cinematographer: John Kiefer - Editor: Waymon Boone - Composer: Waymon Boone

The Great Alex Fisher  | 2018 | DRAMA

A story shot in one take about a young man who seeks to meet Alex Fisher.

Cast: Donn Einstein & T. Jay O’Brien - Director: Javier Colon Rios - Writer: Donn Einstein - Cinematographer: Gevorg Sarkisian - Editor: Javier Colon Rios, Gevorg Sarkisian, Donn Einstein - Composer: Juan Matos

The High Life  | 2019 | COMEDY

THE HIGH LIFE is a half-hour serialized dramedy that focuses on an exceptionally neurotic and completely relatable family. When their wayward daughter returns home upon the mysterious death of their aunt, and tries to find God out of her childhood bedroom. Based on true events.

Cast: Stephanie Sanditz / Evie Gold - Amy Landecker / Aunt Linda - Linda Purl / Jane Gold - Ron Perkins / Levis Gold - Jeremy Glazer / Billy Gold - Jonathan LaVallee / Hunter - Christopher Mychael Watson / Jackson - Sherry Weston / Gloria Gold - Jesse Garcia / Gabriel/Face Tattoo - Director: Amy French - Writer: Stephanie Sanditz - Cinematographer: Christian Herrera - Editor: James Holdridge - Composer: Justin Michael La Vallee

The Human Project  | 2017 | DRAMA

In the wake of their father’s death, two estranged siblings begin a journey of self discovery. When family responsibility conflicts with their dreams, they must learn to love each other before they can truly begin to heal.

Cast: Chelsea Alden / Frances - David Beatty / Marcus - Director: K. Spencer Jones - Writer: David Beatty - Cinematographer: Kevin Garrison - Editor: K. Spencer Jones - Composer: Travis Warner, Mike Schuppan

The Last Piece  | 2019 | COMEDY

The persnickety Jason Everett tests his office rival Peter as the pair compete to be the office number one - after an embarrassing number two.

Cast: Breck Denny / Jason Everett - Samuel Davis / Peter - Director: Will Lowell - Writer: Breck Denny - Cinematographer: Dan Rachlitz - Editor: Max Loeb, Dan Rachlitz, Will Lowell - Composer: Daniel Slatkin

The Newcomer  | 2017 | DRAMA

A woman moves to a new town, meets a man, and discovers a secret.

Cast: Gaia Passaler / Constance - Matthew Orloff / John - Alana Jordan / Kissing Girl - Director: Tony Mouleart - Writer: Tony Mouleart - Cinematographer: Tony Mouleart - Editor: Tony Mouleart - Composer: Danny Elfman

The Wasteland - The Common Good  | 2018 | DRAMA

A future dystopian world where government and technology have taken over our lives.

Cast: Sapna Gandhi / Madalyn - Aubrey Mozino / Katherine - Director: David Beatty - Writer: David Beatty - Cinematographer: David Beatty - Editor: David Beatty - Composer: Daniel Westiner

The Zip Dagger Show #3  | 2019 | EXPERIMENTAL

The Zip Dagger Show 3 is third in a series of experimental short films produced by Mark Towns featuring a phantasmagoria of psychedelic sights and experimental sounds.

Director: Mark Towns - Writer: Mark Towns - Cinematographer: Mark Towns - Editor: Mark Towns - Composer: Mark Towns

There is a cat called unhappiness so i am never all alone  | 2018 | EXPERIMENTAL

Three video-chapters in three haiku by Shuji Terayama

Cast: Areti Efstathiou, Melissanthi Karabatsou, Dimitra Aggelou - Director: Giorgos Efthimiou - Writer: Giorgos Efthimiou - Cinematographer: Giorgos Efthimiou - Editor: Giorgos Efthimiou - Composer: Giorgos Efthimiou

Thump  | 2015  | HORROR

A short film about what happens in the middle of the night, when things are supposed to be quiet. But aren’t.

Cast: Steve Newman, Frances Chewning, Delilah Harris, Grant McIlvaine - Director: Whit Spurgeon - Writer: Steve Newman - Cinematographer: Denton Akoni Kukahiko - Editor: Collin Blair

Tissage Ain Leu  | 2018 | DOCUMENTARY

This film was developed in conjunction with a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco who was teaching management and marketing skills to the women members of the Co-Op. The government of Morocco is trying to preserve traditional artistic skills, help women earn money and support the tourist industry. A shorter version of the film was used on their website. It is not about Peace Corps or the Volunteer - it’s about the Co-Op and it’s members and their creative work.

Cast: Members of the Ain Lieu cooperative, Narrator: Thaine H. Allison, Jr. - Director: Thaine H. Allison, Jr. - Writer: Thaine H. Allison, Jr. - Cinematographer: Thaine H. Allison, Jr. - Editor: Adam Everett - Composer: JoJo Zawawi

Tony & Louise  | 2017 | DRAMA

Tony & Louise have a confrontation after she comes home late from being out with the girls.

Cast: Kelly Mullis / Louise - Dominic Oliver / Tony - Director: Curtis Bechdholt - Writer: Kelly Mullis - Cinematographer: Sam Rosenthal - Editor: Matthew Stubstad - Composer: Jeffrey Gold

Too Many Bodies  | 2018 | MUSIC VIDEO

Too Many Bodies is a music video addressing America’s need for gun reform through dance, music and passion, culminating in a website of resources for advocacy and survivor support.

Music: Alex Mackey - Cast: Alexandria Woodley, Michelle Acosta, Thomas Nguyen, Matthew Hansen - Director: Reena Dutt - Choreographer: Nancy Dobbs Owen - Cinematographer: Daphne Wu - Editor: Puppett - Producers: Reena Dutt, Puppett, Nancy Dobbs Owen, Danielle Phelan, Michelle Kantor, We Make Movies, Cinefemme - EP: Penelope Wong

Tulips  | 2019 |  COMEDY

It’s been 5 months since Larry, our submissive English lead, lost his girlfriend. After weathering the niceties from friends and family on the morning of her birthday, Larry makes the sore and habitual trip to the flower shop before visiting Stephanie’s grave. Upon his routine arrival, Larry’s met with the world-shifting sight of another man, clearly mourning, at the foot of Stephanie’s grave. Larry shields his identity while engaging in a seemingly cordial conversation with this dashing and daunting man. Through leading questions and painstaking pauses, the interaction simmers before boiling over, landing us in the center of unbeknownst betrayal.

Cast: Nate Johnson / Larry - Elisha Boskey / Steve - Director: Jordan Cipolla - Writer: Adam James McCarthy and Jordan Cipolla - Cinematographer: Ryan Bergeron - Editor: Jake L. Mitchell

Two  | 2018  | EXPERIMENTAL

The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes, and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet between a video diary and a field recording, and ends as an archive of the possibilities hibernating in each moment.

Cast: Emma Piper-Burket / Voice - Director: Vasilios Papaioannu - Writer: Vasilios Papaioannu - Cinematographer: Vasilios Papaioannu - Editor: Vasilios Papaioannu

Two Landscapes  | 2015 | DRAMA

A clash between the landscape the eye sees and the one that the mind remembers.

Cast: Herb Rogoff - Director: Neil Ira Needleman - Writer: Neil Ira Needleman - Cinematographer: Neil Ira Needleman - Editor: Neil Ira Needleman - Composer: Neil Ira Needleman

What Metal Girls Are Into  | 2017 | HORROR

Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.

Cast: Laurel Vail, Matt Mercer, Karina Assad, Chelsea Blechman, Torrey Drake - Director: Laurel Vail - Writer: Laurel Vail - Cinematographer: Ellie Ann Fenton - Editor: Laurel Vail - Composer: Catherine Capozzi

Worlds From Home  | 2018 | DRAMA

Set in South Los Angeles, an estranged father and son set out on a road trip to the Mojave Desert to bond -- and fail miserably. After a disagreement, they get lost in the desert and their RV breaks down. Their escapade takes a turn toward the paranormal when the duo encounters a strange creature.

Cast: Affion Crockett / Keith - Jason R. Moore / J. Rock - Lynette Cole / Tasha - Eli Rubio / Tommy - Director: Delmar Washington - Writer: Delmar Washington - Cinematographer: Jonathan Pope - Editor: Adam Tyree

Wowzers  | 2018 |  MID-LENGTH

Jacqueline, a tormented young woman haunted by a recurring dream, is catapulted into the peculiar and deviant world of WOWZERS, where dreams and reality teeter and totter on the whimsical desires of Mr. Dimms. A cheeky master of ceremony of the subconscious, Dimms lures visitors to confront personal woe. Whether these journeys bode well for the dreamer or not, Dimms always triumphs in ways unimaginable.

Cast: Sam Fox /Jacqueline - Sam Ball / Mr. Dimms - Sarah Jo Marson / Kayla - Doug Noble / Hale - Donald Lancaster / Top Hat Pig Nose Man - Director: Ace Thor - Writer: Ace Thor, Sam Fox - Cinematographer: Cosmo Wolski - Editor: Ace Thor - Composer: Ace Thor

You Got Everything, Honey  | 2018 | DOCUMENTARY

Maria Colon tells her story of growing up in poverty in Puerto Rico and the struggles she faced before and after moving to Detroit.

Cast: Maria Colon / interview subject - Angela Colon / Maria’s daughter - Tatiana Colon-Smielewski / Maria’s grandaughter - Director: John Coates - Cinematographer: John Coates - Editor: John Coates

Your last day on Earth  | 2019 | COMEDY

A Fox-dressed man breaks the space time limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But below this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.

Cast: Sonia Masuda, Enric Auquer - Director: Marc Martínez Jordán - Writer: Marc Martínez Jordán - Cinematographer: Yuse Riera Camps - Editor: Marc Martínez Jordán - Composer: Joan Vilá