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Q) Can I attend a workshop if
I am not a member?

A) Yes! It is free to attend our events and enjoy our free wine & snacks. We encourage membership for those of you who want to get more involved in our workshops and enjoy the perks of our community on a deeper level, but anyone is welcome anytime.

Q) How do I become a member?

A) Our homepage has a link to our Patreon page, where you can select the level of membership you are able to commit to. Your membership will activate at the beginning of the following month the payment is processed.

Q) How do I keep up with events and other news?

A) Subscribe to our WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and every Monday you will get the info for the week’s event(s), the following week’s events and what you may have missed from the site the previous week. Bonus items include industry opportunities and perks from and for our community.

Q) How do I submit myself to be an actor for the Writers Workshop or "UP on our feet" night?

A) This info will always be in the newsletter, but actors can sign up to read at the Writers Workshop here and perform at UP ON OUR FEET NIGHT (off-book performance night) by clicking here

Q) How do I submit a script?

A) Fill out the WRITERS SUBMISSION form to be added to our writers’ queue and our team will get back to you with further information.

Q) How do I submit my piece to “What’s Next”?

A) Fill out the WHAT'S NEXT submission form, also found under the UPCOMING EVENTS tab.

Q) How do I submit a film to the WMM Screening Series?

A) Check our site for the dates latest screenings under SCREENING SERIES and click here to submit your film for an upcoming screening. 


A) When you sign up for Patreon, you'll notice that no money is deducted from your account right away. That's because Patreon processes all the membership dues on or near the 1st of the month. It takes a few days for the payments to process, so on or near the 5th of each month we're able to process them on our end. So if you've pledged to be a member weeks before the 1st of the month, you'll have to wait a little bit before you're officially a member, but don't worry. It's definitely worth the wait!

Q) I'm a member now. How do I get into the We Make Movies Members-Only Facebook group?

A) Just go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/403099483187741/ -- and hit "+Join Group". Please be patient with us. We'll accept your submission as soon as possible. Only verified members will be accepted, so please do not try to join the group if you are not a paid member. 

Q) Who can I contact IF I HAVE ANY further questions?

A) Visit our CONTACT page to find our email address and form for all your needs. If you are wondering whom you should be contacting for your various needs, visit the TEAM page  and please introduce yourself to us at our events.

Q) Will wmm
make my movie / series / short film?

A) No. We invite you to join us at any of our carefully curated pipeline of workshops, network amongst our current members, and ultimately feel empowered to make your movie. Additionally, we offer many services that facilitate the various stages of production in a cost-effective way.