Indie Film Development - WMM Lab Pipeline

We Make Movies has made a name for itself as a diverse, synergistic, sustainable ecosystem for artists and content creators. We have been paving the way towards democratizing storytelling, and the industry as a whole. Gone are the days when excessive financing, unattainable tools of the trade, and permission from industry gatekeepers unnecessarily limit us from telling stories. We’re dedicated to empowering creatives of all ages by providing free weekly labs, discounted resources and services, educational industry events, showcases, and film challenges.

This week we are breaking down our beloved LAB PIPELINE (formerly known as workshops). From conception of an idea to full execution of your project, WMM has a lab for every stage of development. Feature films, shorts, series, pilots, multimedia projects, experimental work, you name it, can be brought into one of our applicable labs to be further refined. Not only does this give filmmakers the opportunity to...
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