WMM's Make Your Feature Competition Breaks the Industry Mold

In a sea of film competitions that award starter funds, offer packages towards gear, and sometimes even promise gateways of access to the elusive industry at large, We Make Movies is breaking the mold. We are helming a micro-budget feature film competition - THE MAKE YOUR FEATURE COMPETITION - that will see your project through completion by actually making your movie for $25,000

WMM has joined forces with investors from Silicon Valley, in search of multiple projects from inventive and resourceful filmmakers. Filmmakers will submit their feature film treatments (stellar concept or completed script) and pitch to investors and the WMM community for the opportunity to develop their story, from inception to completion. At least two winning filmmakers will land cash  investments of $25,000 each, in addition to tens of thousands of dollars worth of resources in the form of services, equipment, and more. WMM and the investors will partner with winning filmmakers,...

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