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NOTE: The Sunday, July 28th SF workshop has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Feel free to sign up for our September workshop, though we don’t have a date or time named for it yet.

In September, we’re returning with our signature Writers Workshop to the San Francisco film community, and back to our regular 4pm time. We’re very proud to be partnering with the Artists Television Access. The next writers workshop will be from 4-7pm 7/28/19 at Actors Television Access at 992 Valencia Street in The Mission. All our general workshops are FREE and open to the public, and this will be as well.

To submit your script or submit yourself as an actor use the buttons below. If you plan to attend, there’s no need to contact us or RSVP, just show up! See you there!

WHAT: Writers Workshops are focused on providing a venue for fresh pages to be read by professional actors — with the aim of encouraging the writers and exploring the material as a precursor to pre-production, whether it be for a short film, a spec pilot, or a feature film. It’s also a place for writers, actors, directors, etc. to get together and maybe meet a few people worth working with. We are always looking for new writers and actors and this workshop is free and open to the public.

HOW: The pieces can be shorts, or excerpts from larger works. Each script is cast ahead of time by WMM (casting suggestions from the writers are taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed) from our pool of actors who RSVP using the links below. The audience then provides feedback to the writer after each piece is read. Oh, and it’s FREE for all to attend!

Just a few images from previous SF workshops!

Just a few images from previous SF workshops!